My Story

I reside in the magical village of Mazkeret Batya Israel, where I create my art work of sculpture and mosaics and also teach at my studio.

In my creation I combine to mediums that in my opinion complement each other.

On the one hand I create mosaic art designs which combine a myriad of colours, materials and textures such as – multi-coloured stain glass, broken china, ceramic tiles, beads and various recycled materials which all come together to create rich and vibrant dynamic works of art. On the other hand I also create Paper-Mache" sculptures of voluptuous women that simply ooze sensuality and presence.

During the years 1983 – 1985 I studied art at Kaye College ,and sculpture at the Avni institute in Tel – Aviv. However, I did not turn to art until later in life but rather turned to the vast world of business.

I was a successful key executive in the fields of marketing and training in the retail and cosmetics market in Israel and together with my husband, Shalom, I managed our sales promotion company for the duration of 12 years.

2003 was a turning point for me. I suffered a massive stroke that I overcame and which is still considered a medical miracle. As a result of this life changing event I decided to leave the business world and return to my old love – art.
I took various courses and workshops in sculpture, ceramics and paper mache but for a truly physical and mental rehabilitation I was lucky enough to encounter the magnificent world of mosaics which immediately drew me in and creation then came intuitively as a self healing process and a real zest for life.

I studied mosaic techniques from the mosaic artist Sarit Piltz and received most of my knowledge and inspiration from the wonderful artist Galit Glazer (link) who is a fabulous teacher and a unique and dear person.


  • 2005 – “Hofchot Yotzrot” (becoming artists) – An exhibition featuring 6 local artists (link)
  • 2006 –  “Tzeva Bateva” (colourful nature) – Display of mosaic bench in group exhibition (link)
  • 2006 -  “Hanukiyot” – Hanukah lamp exhibition at the Eran Shamir Museum in Mazkeret Batya.
  • 2007 - “Hofchot Yotzrot” (– An exhibition featuring 6 local artists (link)
  • 2007 - 2008 “Yotzrim Beshishi” – Project initiator of “Open Friday” at local artists’ homes and galleries in Mazkeret Batya. (link)
  • 2008 Art workshop in Yavneh – Group exhibition.
  • 2008 “Vayhi Or” (Let there be light) – Group exhibition, Tel Aviv. (link)

I currently reside and work in Mazkeret Batya Israel. I create sculptures and mosaics at my studio and enjoy every second of it. The richness of the shapes and colours guide me and inspire me to rejoice in life.
 It is this inspiration that I pass onto my students who attend my workshops and visitors who tour the area and my studio.

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